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Hesi - Phosphorus Plus

Hesi - Phosphorus Plus

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Hesi Phosphorous Plus is a powerful additive, made for use in combination with Bloom Complex during the second half of the blooming stage. During the flowering phase, plants need increased levels of Potassium and Phosphorous. The additive delivers the perfect ratio of these nutrients to your plants to develop larger flowers and maximize fruiting. Thanks to the optimum balance of nutrients, your plants will grow larger and denser flowers. The supplement also resolves any Potassium and Phosphorous deficiencies. Use Phosphorous Plus for explosive blooming and excellent fruits.

General Information

The product is suitable to use in soil substrates;

Phosphorous Plus is a powerful additive;

Growers use Phosphorous Plus during the second half of the blooming stage;

The product contains an optimum ratio of Phosphorus and Potassium. The PK ratio is 7-5.


Increased solubility rate;

Phosphorous Plus is easy-to-use;

Delivers the perfect balance of nutrients to your crops;

Ensures strong blooming;

Phosphorous Plus doesn't leave residues and it's suitable for use with drip or automatic irrigation systems;

Produces larger and denser flowers;

Promotes the production of heavier fruits;

Suitable for use together with Hesi Bloom Complex.

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