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Hesi - Coco - Complete Formulation for Coco Coir

Hesi - Coco - Complete Formulation for Coco Coir

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Hesi Coco - Complete Formulation for Coco Coir - Various Sizes

The Hesi range of nutrients is highly regarded within the growing community for being simple to use whilst completely covering the plants nutritional needs.

Coc from Hesi is a complete plant food for growing and flowering plants in coco. A single bottle that provides all required nutrition for the entire growth and flowering cycles, producing healthy growth and profuse flowers.

Hesi Coco contains both organic and mineral ingredients to ensure the best levels are available to your plant at all times.

Trace elements have been added alongside an enrichment of vitamins and other vital elements. These promote healthy vegetative growth and an abundant flowering phase.

The EC of Hesi Coco is somewhat lower than other coco supplements. No salts are added, since this would only raise the EC and these would be of no nutritional value to the plant.

Available in 1, 5 or 10 litre bottles

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