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Hailea - Water Pumps - HX800/1500/2000/2500/4500

Hailea - Water Pumps - HX800/1500/2000/2500/4500

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Hailea - Water Pumps - HX800/1500/2000/2500/4500

Long lasting and Reliable

Hailea Liquid pumps are ideally suitable for hydroponic systems, fish tanks and general use and work extremely well in low water.

Features ;
- ABS case and high quality stainless steel shaft, suitable for fresh and sea water and ideal for use with nutrient salts.
- Inbuilt flow regulator to control flow easily
- Ideal for pumping nutrients in NFT / Flood & Drain applications
- Mounted on suction cups for secure location

These pumps are designed for continuous use

The exact flow rates of these pumps is shown in the options above. With regards fittings the following pumps require the following fittings:

HX-800 - 285 litres/h = 13mm supply or flexible pipe

HX-1500 - 400 litres/h = 13mm supply or flexible pipe

HX-2000 - 650 litres/h = 13mm supply or flexible pipe

HX-2500 - 650 litres/h = 13mm supply or flexible pipe

HX-4500 - 2000 litres/h = 19mm supply or flexible pipe

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