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Hailea Water Chiller - Reservoir Cooling

Hailea Water Chiller - Reservoir Cooling

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Hailea Water Chiller - Reservoir Cooler

When temperatures start to rise, growing in a hydroponic system can be problematic. Issues that arise are generally due to higher water temperatures. Ideally your nutrient/water temperatures should stay between 18 degrees Centigrade and 21 degrees Centigrade, these temperatures ensure oxygen levels, nutrient uptake and plant growth remain high.

Cooling your feed couldn’t be easier – you just need a Hailea Nutrient Chiller, a good water/nutrient pump and some pipework. If you’ve got a hydro system, when the weather gets warmer, they’re a must.

Working in the same way as a refrigerator. War nutrient solution is pumped into your chiller, cooled, then pumped back into your tank.

Each chiller has a super accurate thermostat for exact control. They’re simple to use, set the temperature, connect the pump and pipework and you're ready to go.

Built to last, each chiller has a tough metal case and an anti-corrosive evaporator made from pure titanium.

Additional safety features include an automatic shutoff in case of electrical overload.

Hailea Water/Nutrient Chiller - Features:

• Stop algae, Pythium & diseases taking hold.

• Maximise yield, growth & nutrient uptake.

• Increase oxygen content.

• Lower noise design.

• Simple to use..

• Environmental friendly refrigerant R134a.

• Easy to read digital display.

• Super accurate thermostat for precise control.

• Auto shutdown for motor protection.

• Strong metal case.

• Anti-corrosive evaporator (titanium).

Chiller Capabilities:

• HC-100A Refridgerates 100L - Flow Rate = 200-1000L

• HC-150A Refridgerates 150L - Flow Rate = 250-1200L

• HC-250A Refridgerates 250L - Flow Rate = 600-2200L

• HC-300A Refridgerates 300L - Flow Rate = 1000-2500L

• HC-500A Refridgerates 500L - Flow Rate = 1200-3000L

• HC-1000A Refridgerates 1000L - Flow Rate = 1500-4000L

• HC-2200B Refridgerates 2000L - Flow Rate = 1000-3000L

Please be aware, the final flow rate is dependent on the pump you use with this chiller.

Don’t forget to buy a flow pump and pipework

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