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Hailea - Air Pumps - Various Sizes

Hailea - Air Pumps - Various Sizes

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Hailea - Air Pumps - ACO-2201/2204/2206/2208

Small, Reliable, Affordable. Perfect for Hydroponics DWC

A very reliable range of air pumps suitable for use in hydroponic systems, fish tanks and aquariums

Made with modern techniques and materials these pumps require minimal upkeep, infrequent servicing and feature an advanced air compression module.

A custom designed damping system, vibration reducing rubber feet and a multilevel muffler help keep vibration extremely low.

These pumps are not the quietest on the market but are super reliable. If you need something quieter please see our Adjustable Silent pumps

ACO-2201 -78 LPH - Single Outlet Air Pump

ACO-2204 -240 LPH - Double Outlet Air Pump

ACO-2206 - 600 LPH - Quad Outlet Air Pump

ACO-2208 - 1800 LPH - Single Outlet Air Pump

Each pump is compact, easy to install and is noted for its low power consumption.

Separate manifolds are not required as each unit has the correct number of outlets, simply connect your air line and air stone.
Please note - Air line and air stones are sold separately.

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