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Hailea - Air Pumps - ACO-9810/ACO-9820

Hailea - Air Pumps - ACO-9810/ACO-9820

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Hailea - Air Pumps - ACO-9810/ACO-9820

The Hailea ACO-9810 air pump produces up to 30 litres/min.
The Hailea ACO-9820 air pump produces up to 60 litres/min.

Ideal for use in larger hydroponics systems, the Hailea ACO-9810 or ACO-9820 is perfect for oxygenating large reservoirs or for driving multiple water or Aqua farms or DWC buckets.

Hailea ACO-9810 & ACO-9820 feature include:
• Made from premium components
• Quieter than the average pump 40dB
• Double muffler creates less sounds whilst keeping air flow at maximum
• Airflow of 30 litres per minute (9810) & 60 litres per minute (9820)
• Anti Vibration feet
• 25 watts power consumption
• Manifold supplied for driving 6 separate air lines

We recommend placing your air pump at a height above the level of the water-line in the reservoir. If your air pump is at a height lower than the water-line and there is an unexpected power-cut or trip-out, water from the reservoir can siphon back from the reservoir into the air pump which will almost certainly cause it damage.

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