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Hailea - Adjustable Air Pumps - Various Sizes

Hailea - Adjustable Air Pumps - Various Sizes

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Hailea - Adjustable Air Pumps - ACO-9601/9602/9610/9620/9630/9650

Quieter Than A Standard Air Pump & Perfect for Hydroponics DWC

Quality Adjustable Air Pump - ideal for aerating nutrient solutions, Fish tanks / Aquariums

This range of air pumps all feature adjustable outputs offering maximum flexibility in a range of outlet options.

They all feature a multi-level muffler to help reduce sound.

ACO-9601 - 192 Litres per hour - Single Outlet

ACO-9602 - 432 Litres per hour - Double Outlet

ACO-9610 - 600 Litres per hour - Quad Outlet

ACO-9620 - 800 Litres per hour - 6 Outlet

ACO-9630 - 960 Litres per hour - 8 Outlet

ACO-9650 - 3000 Litres per hour - 12 Outlet

Output is 4mm.

Low power consumption.

Separate manifolds are not required as each unit has the correct number of outlets, simply connect your air line and air stone.
Please note - Air line and air stones are sold separately.

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