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Guanokalong - Compost 45L - Bat Guano

Guanokalong - Compost 45L - Bat Guano

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Guanokalong - Compost 45 Litres - Bat Guano

Guanokalong - Bat guano from Guanokalong is a completely organic collection of Media, Media improvers and Nutrients specially designed for use with plants, both indoor and out.

This guano has been piling up for hundreds of years in caves and over time has broken down in to compost.

These plant nutrients, powders and media are excellent for use in the organic growing of consumable crops.

Packed with natural phosphate and abundant with microelements and enzymes, this organic super manure works to improve taste, quality and ultimately yield.

Guanokalong Compost - 45 Litres

This growing media is charged with the correct amount of Guanokalong powder and mixed with products like: sea weed powder, palm tree ashes, cotton seed powder, fish powder and volcanic loam. This unique mix of products represents a full body pure organic NPK value with loads of trace elements.

Due to the high nutrient content, no feeding is required for the first 2 to 3 weeks.

Each bag contains (roughly) Perlite 10%, Baltic white peat, black peat, PG Mix and worm castings 10%.

Perfect when used alongside Guanokalong Grow, Bloom and Taste Improver

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