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Growth Technology - Chilli Focus

Growth Technology - Chilli Focus

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Growth Technology - Chilli & Pepper Food

A dedicated formulation for chillies – designed to deliver strong bushy growth and heavy harvests. Contains pure seaweed and humic acid for long term soil fertility.

Chilli Focus contains a scientific balance of nutrients and minerals specifically developed for the growth of chillies and peppers.

Suitable for use once the plant has taken hold, this liquid nutrients precise formulation will benefit plants grown in pots, grow bags or in veggie patches.

Pure mineral salts, complex organic plant acids and pure concentrate of kelp make this formulation ideal for chillies and peppers. We recommend feeding once a week(5ml per litre) to start and increasing the frequency of use as you plant demands (3-4 times per week)

After the onset of flowering we recommend raising the amount of nutrients used to 10ml per litre. This will enable the plant to cope with the increased need for Nitrogen and Phosphorus.

Chilli Focus is non-toxic and poses no danger to the environment. When used as instructed this will help you produce bigger, healthier, more productive plants.

Available in:
300 ml
1 litre

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