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Gronest - Classic Fabric Pot - 19L/5gallon

Gronest - Classic Fabric Pot - 19L/5gallon

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Gronest® classic fabric pots have a second layer called the “Aqua Breathe" layer, which is designed to provide additional benefits for plant growth and health.
The “Aqua Breathe" layer is designed to be less permeable than the outer fabric layer, which helps to regulate the water flow and prevent excessive moisture build up around the roots.

Gronest® classic fabric pots a popular choice for hobby & experienced gardeners, who can use them to grow a wide range of plants, from vegetables and herbs to flowers and succulents.
With the right care and attention, fabric pots can help any gardeners create a beautiful and thriving garden in their home or outdoor space.

Stop Root Circling - Roots do not grown in circles around the pot resulting in a healthier root system and a more vigorous plant.
Better Drainage - Difficult to over water because excess water drains through the fabric.
Multiple Uses and Washes - Fabric pots can be used harvest after harvest and this can be done for a couple seasons.
Cooler Effect - Fabric pots stay cooler than traditional containers through aeration and heat release through the porous fabric.
Metal Hook - Galvanized hook is for holding label and irrigation hose.

19 Litres - 5 Gallons - 27x26.5x26.5cm

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