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Green Planet - Hydro Fuel Bloom A+B

Green Planet - Hydro Fuel Bloom A+B

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Hydro fuel bloom comes in convenient 2 part bloom formula that can be used in both hydroponics or recirculating systems and soil/soilless or run to waste systems. Irrespective of the cultivation method Hydro Fuel Bloom is the right nutrient choice for your garden.


Not all nutrient solutions are created equal. Green Planet Nutrients utilises the latest in formulation science to combine the necessary elements needed for aggressive vegetative growth and jaw dropping floral production into two distinct 2 part formulations to ensure all the elements are in the proper proportions and available. Simply the world’s finest nutrients formulation.

Hydro fuel Bloom uses the finest raw materials and fully chelated elements in its formulation. Along with the finest quality raw materials we use ultra premium reverse osmosis water that goes through 5 stages of filtration and treatment before it is used.

After blending, each batch is lab tested to ensure consistent quality and reliability.



Use Hydro Fuel Bloom at a rate of 3-4 ml/L (11-15 ml/Gal).

Mix Part A at the desired ratio then stir before you add part B, it is not advisable to mix concentrated A with B before they are diluted in the appropriate amount of water.

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