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Green Planet - GPH Uptake - Humic Acid

Green Planet - GPH Uptake - Humic Acid

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GPH uptake is a premium liquid humic acid sourced from Humalite. Humalite is a fresh water deposit of oxidised organic compost proven to be the most bioactive humic source. Humic acid is dark brown or black in colour and available in liquid or dry powdered form.

The humic acid used in GPH uptake is in the liquid form. GPH is an essesntial component in the soil or soiless media garden as it displays wonderful beneficial properties.

GPH uptake is an essential organic additive supplemented through the roots. GPH humic acid is for any soil or soilless garden and increases nutrient absorption through all stages of plant growth as well it provides an energy source for beneficial microbes. Humic substances have shown to increase chlorophyll content, increase respiration, elicit hormone like abilities and have proven time and time again to increase yields. If you are an organic gardener or just using mineral salts in a soil or soil like medium you need GPH to maximise your hard work.

GPH humic acid provide an energy source for beneficial soil microbes such as bacteria and fungi. Humic acid has a high carbon content which is the source of energy for the soil microbes. When the carbon is utilised it makes available a smaller fraction called fulvic acid which shows the ability to chelate or make  nutrients more easily available increases their absorbability. The fulvic portion also displays a hormone like response as well.

Humic acid helps with improving soil structure leading to a better air to water ratio that plans find desirable. As well humic substances have a high CEC or cation exchange capacity which speaks to its bioactivity. Humic acid sourced from Humalite has the highest CEC of all sources therefore is the most desirable for agriculture. 


GPH Uptake is a soluble formula of humic acid that aids the plant with nutrient uptake throughout its entire life cycle. Humic acid acts as a chelator, and when added, will improve your soil’s ability to hold onto nutrients. This means your grow medium is retaining any added nutrients until your plant is ready to use them. Once they are ready to be used, humic acid’s chelating properties turn the nutrients into a form that is easy to uptake by the plant. As a result, essential immobile micronutrients, such as calcium, become easier to absorb by the plant. Humic acid also promotes mycorrhizal fungi colonisation in the plant’s rhizosphere. Mycorrhiza allows the plant to take full advantage of the nutrients found in the root zone that would otherwise be inaccessible. This boosts the plant’s ability to produce vigorous green growth in the vegetative stage and impressive yields during the flowering stage. 


For optimum results, use each time you water or fertiliser in conjunction with your regular feeding schedule at a rate of 5 ml/L (19 ml/Gal). For plants growing hydroponically, use GPF Uptake.

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