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Green Planet - Finisher 1L

Green Planet - Finisher 1L

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Finisher - Green Planet

Finisher is a must have for use in the last 3 weeks of the flowering stage. Precisely designed for the heaviest harvest, finisher is a unique blend of organic enzyme activators, vitamins, essential amino acids and carbohydrates. The ingredients combined will unleash the full flowering potential of your favourite plants and herbs.

Finisher optimizes harvest weight, promotes vigorous growth, enhance flavour and taste, and increases the health of your flowering plants.

Finisher is a super additive used to finish off your flowering cycle. This product was formulated to get the absolute most from your flowering plants. No expense has been spared in researching and developing this impressive flowering additive. From using the finest in raw materials to the science of blending them in precisely the right way, Finisher will send your yields through the roof. Key Points Totally unique, no other product compares to this Designed to enlarge flowers 3 weeks previous to harvest Stimulates Cell Growth Stimulates chlorophyll content Increases cell density Increases dry weight Allows to use more light Better absorption and assimilation of carbon dioxide Highly concentrated at a dilution rate 1:400

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