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Gold Label - Hydro A+B

Gold Label - Hydro A+B

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Gold Label - Hydro A+B

Fully chelated two-part professional nutrient, designed for hydroponic growers to ensure you get the best results possible.

A true professional nutrient for hydroponic growers. Whether you grow in expanded clay pebbles, rock wool or other inert media, our Hydro A+B base nutrient is the full profile product you need to achieve the best results.

Increase Your Yields
Growing hydroponically is considered the best method for maximising plant yield. However, it can require constant pH analysis and alteration. We developed our hydro base-nutrient to reduce the impact of pH drift, alongside our innovative chelation techniques to ensure full nutrient uptake across a broad pH range.

RHP Certified

When growing in pebbles, we highly recommend our Gold Label Hydrocorn. The only pebble product that has RHP certification, due to its absence of contaminants and heavy metals. Used alongside our stimulators and boosters, it will give you the best results possible in an inert substrate.

Use in systems with pebbles, rock wool and other inert substrates.

Highly Concentrated
Highly concentrated formula. 

Maximises Uptake
Chelated nutrients for optimal uptake across a broad pH spectrum.

Directions for Use
- Shake well before use.
- Add Gold Label Hydro A and Gold Label Hydro B separately to your water, in equal parts. Never mix pure nutrients together.
- Add 0.5 ml – 1 ml of each per litre of water during the vegetative phase.
- Add 1.0 ml – 2.0 ml of each per litre of water during the flowering phase.

Storage Instructions
- Keep out of reach of children.
- Keep bottles closed when not in use.
- Liquid to remain in bottles originally supplied.
- Keep away from frost and direct light.
- Product at risk of crystal formation at low temperature. Recommended storage temperature 5 - 35°C.

For the best results, use as part of the complete Gold Label range.

Available in 1L, 5L & 10L bottles.

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