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Gavita - M110 DE SR Reflector

Gavita - M110 DE SR Reflector

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As lamps change, so do reflectors. Introducing a complete new line of reflectors made from Vega/MIRO aluminium. These reflectors are highly efficient and specifically developed to work with double ended lamps.

They can replace standard reflectors from the Pro line fixtures and HortiStar reflectors.

Producing exceptional light spread and lower the chance of hot spots.

Suitable for use with 750w and 1000w DE Gavita Systems.

Gavita M110 DE SR Reflector Benefits:

• Light levels and uniformity never before seen from a single fixture

• Easy to install – No tools

• Suitable for use with 750 – 1000W HPS

• Can replace standard Pro line fixture and HortiStar reflectors

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