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G.A.S - SilencedAir - Ducting Silencers

G.A.S - SilencedAir - Ducting Silencers

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SilencedAir - Ducting Silencer

Reduce the noise in your duct work by adding a silencer. They absorb the noise created by fans and from the air hitting the sides of the duct work. Silencers remove a lot of unwanted noise; two can be used in series where unwanted noise is a particular problem.

With the higher flow rates of our professional fans, air noise can become a problem. Air moving through ducts creates noise. The faster the air the more noise is created. If noise is a problem connect a silencer to your system.

They are most effective if positioned directly after a fan or after a tight bend in duct work. These high quality silencers are air tight and can be used in sealed ventilation systems.

SilencedAir Ducting Silencer Features:

• Effectively reduces noise in ventilation systems

• High quality galvanised steel, built to last

• Fast and easy to install

• Two can be used in series, for maximum noise reduction

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