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G.A.S - DiffuseAir - Grow Room Air Circulator

G.A.S - DiffuseAir - Grow Room Air Circulator

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G.A.S. DiffuseAir - Grow Room Air Circulator

The DiffuseAir from G.A.S. is a must for every grower. Plants want a consistent and even environment? Most people opt for a floor or pedestal fan but these take up floor space which you plants could use and often end with windburn.

Diffuseair changes all of this.

This isn’t a standalone product it needs to be paired with an inline fan, ideally an RVK.

Available in 4 to 10 inch models for corresponding fans, the DiffuseAir can either be independently hung as an air mixer or connected to your intake fan to diffuse fresh air.

Plants breathe through their leaves, a direct breeze can quickly dry them out leading to multiple issues. The DiffuseAir distributes air from the top down, meaning windburn and hot spots are not an issue.

Simple to install, the DiffuseAir come complete with hanging brackets and screws for attachment to the corresponding RVK fan.

Rope Ratchet hangers are a worthwhile addition, these allow for quick and easy height adjustment as your plants grow.

If you’re using the DiffuseAir as a mixer rather than an intake fan, we recommend using a temperature adjusted fan controller. Fans without ducting are always louder due to increased air noise.

Recommended Fans and Grow Spaces:

• DiffuseAir 100 – RVK 100 A1 – 1M spaces

• DiffuseAir 125 – RVK 125 A1 – 1.2M spaces

• DiffuseAir 150 – RVK 150 A1 – 1.5M spaces

• DiffuseAir 200 – RVK 200 A1 – 2M spaces

• DiffuseAir 250 – RVK 250 A1 – 2.4M spaces

For larger areas multiple units are recommended.

DiffuseAir Benefits Include:

• Specifically designed for grow rooms

• Ceiling hanging – Uses no Floor space

• Reduces hot spots and leaf burn

• Perfect for closed-loop systems

• Easy to Install

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