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Future Harvest - Carbo Blast

Future Harvest - Carbo Blast

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Future Harvest - Carbo Blast

Get frosty white buds and rich aromas out of your plants with the powerful trichome booster, Carbo Blast.

Carbo Blast supplies extra carbohydrates to your plants which act as a food source for beneficial microbes that help nutrient availability. This also means your plants don’t have to rely so heavily on their own resources and thus can more easily direct their energy to manufacturing essential oils, resins and fragrances.

Basically this trichome booster helps the overall smell and potency of your buds.

Another bonus of this frosty buds enhancer, is that it helps your plants grow to their fullest potential. Plants can outgrow their energy sources, which causes growth to slow down, sometimes bringing it to a complete standstill. Carbo Blast is designed as an energy boost during flowering to load up plants with carbs to stop them from stalling.

Carbohydrates can also help to speed up the plant's metabolism and therefore have a positive effect on yields and weight.

Help give your cannabis plants milky white trichomes by grabbing some Carbo Blast today.

Key Carbo Blast Features:

  • This trichome booster is 100% soluble in solution.
  • The carbohydrates contained in Carbo Blast are identical to the sugars a plant produces. 
  • Carbo Blast delivers instantaneous results giving plants the energy they need. 
  • Can be used with any feeding and additive schedule. 
  • The extra available energy source promotes increased oil and fragrance. 
  • Carbo Blast delivers better results than just using fertilizer and weight gain boosters alone and is a key part of getting frosty white buds. 
  • The additional carbohydrates in Carbo Blast can deliver enough energy to support larger and fuller fruit and flower production. 

Additional Info

Trichome booster, Carbo Blast, comes in both liquid and powder form and can be used in all media and grow systems, including deep water cultures, aeroponics, drip irrigation and much more!

For hydroponic growers we recommend using Carbo Blast in liquid form. For soil and coco growers, we advise using Carbo Blast in powder form. The reason being is that using a powder mix in a hydroponic grow requires more cleaning and maintenance to reduce the risk of clogging.

Use Carbo Blast, along with additional bloom booster’s Bud Start and Bud Boom to help maximize yields and get frosty buds in your grow tent. These plant additives boost your cannabis plants phosphorous and potassium levels, and help create flavorful, heavy buds.

Note: Carbo Blast is intended for use during the flowering stage to enhance the resin, terpenes, and flavor of your plants but it can also be used during the vegetative cycle, as the beneficial bacteria will feed off the carbohydrates to promote a healthy root zone. For regular use, you’ll want to start using this trichome booster in the second week of flowering and then use it for the rest of the flowering stage.

Carbo Blast is compliant with Health Canada, CFIA, and Transport Canada, is filtered to one micron to ensure it’s sediment free and it’s induction sealed to increase longevity.

Carbo Blast is also pesticide free, allergen free and vegan friendly, and can be used as a foliar spray.

You can find Carbo Blast in Canada, the United States, and in the United Kingdom.

To find a local retailer near you use our store locator. Simply type in your address and you’ll be able to see the nearest retailer. If you are unable to find one, you can order through us. We ship only to the United States and Canada.

Carbo Blast is the sugar boosting additive that will help enhance your plants, give them frosty buds, and unlock the flavours you’ve been looking for. It’s an essential cannabis plant nutrient and must have for your grow tent, so pick some up today!


Use 8mL per 4L from your second week of flower to your final flushing stage

Available in 300g (powder), 250ml & 1L (Liquid) bottles.

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