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Future Harvest - Bud Start

Future Harvest - Bud Start

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Future Harvest - Bud Start

Utilizing a powerful dosage of phosphorus and potassium, Bud Start helps kickstart your plants bloom cycle by giving it the nutrients it needs to start bulking up and reach its full potential.

Early flower enhancers like Bud Start are used often in growing to help plants kickstart their blooming cycle as they transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage and can make all the difference in getting stickier, denser buds.

At the beginning of a 6 week flower (or longer) this powerful bloom booster will help the plants in your grow tent gain weight and speed up their flower development, delivering striking visible results and adding more value to your crops.

When using Bud Start in your grow tent, the size and amount of new flower sites on a fruiting crop is increased which causes them to expand and elongate. This early phosphorous and potassium boost speeds up and promotes a stronger start to flowering and has a positive effect on crop finishing times.

Key Features:

  • This bloom booster can be used in a 6 week flower, or for shorter/longer flowering crops! Use once on short crops and twice for longer crops.
  • Works with any quality branded fertilizer and additive products.
  • Will minimally increase EC values, unlike other bloom boosters. Full strength fertilizer can be used with Bud Start without the need for dilution.
  • Helps stabilize pH, assisting plants in taking up all the nutrients they require during the important early flowering phase.
  • Can be used as a foliar spray.

Additional Info

Bud Start comes in both liquid and powder form and can be used in all media and grow systems, including deep water cultures, aeroponics, drip irrigation and much more.

For hydroponic growers we recommend using Bud Start in liquid form. For soil and coco growers, we advise using Bud Start in powder form. The reason being is that using a powder mix in a hydroponic grow requires more cleaning and maintenance to reduce the risk of clogging.

The phosphorous and potassium levels of the NPK ratios are much higher in the powder form (0-39-25) than the liquid form (0-2-1), but don’t let that keep you from using the liquid form. When using the liquid form of Bud Start, at the recommended dosage amount from our feed charts, your plants will receive around the same nutrient levels as they would when using the powder form.

The reason there’s a discrepancy in NPK ratios between the liquid and powder form is that the liquid product is simply the powder form with water added to it, and with water added that means less nutrients based on weight/weight calculations.

Use Bud Start along with additional bud booster’s, Bud Boom, and Ton O bud, to help you maximize yields in your grow tent. These flowering additives help create predictable yields that you can rely on and enrich the flavour and quality of your buds.

Note: we don’t recommend using all our flowering additives at once! Bud Start, Ton O Bud and Bud Boom were designed to be used at separate stages during the flower cycle. Starting with Bud Start, then Ton O Bud and ending with Bud Boom.

Available in 20g (powder), 250ml, 500ml & 1L (Liquid) bottles.

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