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Flairform - Pythoff - Pest & Disease Prevention & Cure

Flairform - Pythoff - Pest & Disease Prevention & Cure

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Pythoff - Hydroponic Pest & Disease Prevention & Cure

Pythoff from Flairform is an extremely useful additive for treating hydroponic systems for pests and diseases.

Available in 250ml or 1L bottles

An active sterilising agent that is designed to ward off pests and disease in all hydroponic systems. Used regularly, Pythoff will actively help protect your plants from a range of fungal diseases and parasites known to cause root root - Pythium and Fusarium.

Air born spores can settle in your hydroponic system and spread like wild fire and cause irreversible damage to your plants. These damaging pathogens can act quickly leading to Pythium, Phytophthora and Fusarium outbreaks and if untreated, plant death.

We recommend keeping a bottle of Pythoff for just such an occasion. Pythoff is safe, non-toxic and non systemic. It can safely be used from seed to harvest, although we would recommend dropping the dosage to 50% for young plants and seedlings.

Any grower that has ever experienced root rot knows this is something that needs to be taken seriously. From no visible sign one day to complete devastation in less than a week. Pythoff is designed as a prevention but can also be used to treat root problems if caught early enough.

Also used to keep irrigation clean and clear of blockages, Pythoff can be used to sterilise your hydroponics systems and reservoirs as needed.

Highly recommend to all hydroponic growers as Pythoff can be used safely in all hydro systems. Please be aware, if using in Coco or soil mixes Pythoff will also kill off any beneficial bacteria and organisms.

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