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Evoponic - Water Saver - 250ml

Evoponic - Water Saver - 250ml

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Evoponic - Water Saver - 250ml

Protects against drought conditions

Where plants are being grown without constant attention, or there is any risk of interruption to water/nutrient supply, water saver can be a vital aid to growing. It needs to be incorporated from the very start of growth in order to hep plants through any periods of water stress.

Protects your plants against drought.
Contains a highly potent bio-stimulant blend.
Assists plants with the storage of sugars.
A must-have in the summer.

Low Risk Situations: Use at a rate of 2 mls in 10L Nutrient solution
Medium Risk Situations: Use at a rate of 4 mls in 10L Nutrient solution
When Risk is highest: Use at a rate of 6 mls in 10L Nutrient solution

It is suitable for use in all hydroponic, soil, and coco growing systems including flood and drain, feed to waste and SNAP.

NB: If used in conjunction with Liquid Ice or Liquid Heat use HALF RATE of each and halve the rate of Water Saver. Failure to follow these instructions may result in plant damage.

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