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Evoponic - Super Rootz - 250ml

Evoponic - Super Rootz - 250ml

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Evoponic - Super Rootz - 250ml

Supercharge growth below ground

A genuinely turbo-charged formula speed-up root growth with increased water & nutrient uptake thanks to longer, heavier and more efficient roots.

Super Rootz uses entirely natural components to tilt hormone production in favour of root growth.
Bigger roots take up nutrients more efficiently, absorb water more effectively and provide better anchorage for your plant.
A safe, natural material that’s based on plant extracts – without artificial PGRs (should be acceptable for Organic certification). Its oligosaccharides work in conjunction with other sugars and amino acids to stimulate your plant’s root zone.

Increase stress resistance.
Epic root growth.
Faster growth development.

Use up to week 3 of flowering or beyond on poor-rooting varieties: Use 10ML per 10L.

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