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Evoponic - Pixie Dust - Magic Away Mites

Evoponic - Pixie Dust - Magic Away Mites

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Lightly sprinkle or puff Pixie Dust on to your plants to remove and deter mites and insects. Or lightly sprinkle Pixie Dust onto soil/coco/growing medium surface to enhance plant growth and health. For best results, puff onto the underside of leaves.

-Preventative AND curative against mites

-Abrades waxy cuticle on insects so they die of dehydration

-Enhances plant growth & health

-Food grade product

-Contains available silicon

To turn this pack into a puffer bottle carefully remove cap and puncture the foil seal below with a pin. Then shake or squeeze the bottle, directing the powder to the underside of the affected leaves. 

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