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Evoponic - Elixir Steroids - 250ml

Evoponic - Elixir Steroids - 250ml

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Evoponic - Elixir Steroids - 250ml

Maximise Strength

A rapid-growth formula increase plant weight during the growing period. Boost flower size and weight during the flowering period.

Elixir Steroids is a natural product originally developed to speed recovery from damage due to pests and disease.
It has now evolved to be capable of turbo-charging not just recovery, but healthy growth.
Based on plant-extracted sterones and steroids it increases flower size and weight, optimises plant defence mechanisms against disease.
There is nothing like Elixir Steroids out there, it’s unique, natural and non-PGR.

Increase plant weight during the growing period.
Boost flower size.
Does what it says on the tin and increases resistance to stressful situations.
Speeds up plant recovery after issues with pests, diseases and the environment.

Throughout the season: Use 10ML per 10L for both vegetative and flowering.

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