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Emerald Harvest - Emerald Goddess

Emerald Harvest - Emerald Goddess

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Emerald Harvest - Emerald Goddess


Nurture your plants with the best naturally occurring biocatalytic compounds found in Mother Nature and our invigorating plant tonic.

Love Your Plants Emerald Goddess is a versatile plant tonic that supports vibrant, productive crops. Designed to be the most potent biocatalyst on the market today, it is a rich natural tea containing compounds found in nature, including alfalfa and kelp extract, humic acid, vitamin B 1 and other beneficial compounds. This potpourri of invigorating ingredients helps your valuable plants grow strong and bear big fruits. The most extensive and concentrated supplement of its kind, it works best when combined with one of our professional base nutrient series. Emerald Goddess loves your plants as much as you do!

Why use Emerald Goddess Premium Plant Tonic?

Emerald Goddess benefits crops throughout their life cycle by encouraging crop vitality, and it’s suitable for foliar feeding or as a root drench.
- Natural biocatalysts that encourage fast growth and flowering
- Building blocks for plants to bud and bloom abundantly
- Increased nutrient uptake and root development

What makes it work?

Emerald Goddess is brimming with Earth-friendly, natural ingredients—alfalfa, kelp and humic acid—that do no harm to Mother Nature (or your values).
- Natural sources of proteins and amino acids
- Humic acid, derived from leonardite, and vitamin B1
- A little extra nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium

Emerald Goddess | 2-1-4 - Derived from potassium nitrate, monopotassium phosphate, urea, kelp extract and alfalfa meal.

Also contains non-plant food ingredients:
0.1% humic acid derived from leonardite
0.01% vitamin B, (thiamine) derived from thiamine mononitrate

Available in 0.95L, 1.89L & 3.79L Bottles.
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