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Ecothrive - Biosys

Ecothrive - Biosys

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EcoThrive Biosys - Instant Compost Tea - Microbe Fuel

Make a huge difference to the life of your media with Biosys. Apply every 2-4 weeks throughout the Veg cycle and first 3 weeks of Flower. Watch your plants thrive and make use of all their nutrients.

Biosys, from EcoThrive, contains a unique blend of microbes and natural plant growth stimulants.

Extremely simple to use, Biosys mixes quickly and gets to work just as quick - nothing immediately improves the health of your root zone quite like Biosys.

Breathe new life into your plants with Biosys, the instant microbial tea from Ecothrive.

Suitable for use in Soil, Coco or Hydroponic Systems.

EcoThrive Biosys Features:

• Biosys contain beneficial bacteria, fungi, enzymes and plant growth stimulants and microbial catalysts all in an easy to use powder!

• Biosys stimulates rooting of cuttings and promotes both vegetative and generative plant development.

• Maintains a healthy root zone throughout the entire plant cycle.

• Biosys enriches the rhizosphere with a natural balance of micro-organisms to improve plant growth and allow healthy uptake of water and nutrients.

• Helps plants recover quickly from periods of stress.

• Biosys is highly concentrated.

• The microbial catalysts in Biosys are water soluble.

• No brewing necessary, an advanced instant alternative to aerated compost tea!

• Biosys is very easy to apply – straight away!

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