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Ecotechnics - Digital Precision Timer

Ecotechnics - Digital Precision Timer

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The brand new Ecotechnics Digital Precision Interval Timer has been designed to provide growers with a greater degree of control in their grow rooms. An improvement on the last incarnation, there are no longer 2 separate timers for minutes and seconds, this digital timer does them both. All feature dual set switches, allowing accurate and independent settings for both on and off times.

It has many uses around the grow room; the on and off times can be set in seconds, minutes, or hours giving the grower full, precise control of the feeding schedule in hydroponics systems.

  • IEC plug output connection
  • 4 amp load rating
  • Nutrient supply cycle of up to 7 days
  • Accurate digital timing
  • Reliable solid-state technology
  • Suitable for most systems
  • 1 year warranty
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