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Grown Up Hydroponics

Ecolizer - Root Up

Ecolizer - Root Up

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Root-Up from Ecolizer stimulates the absorption capacity of the roots.

Ecolizer Root-up ensures an explosive growth of the number of hair-roots, so that your plants can optimally absorb the nutrients and water from the soil. It is composed of natural ingredients and contains highly-concentrated seaweed and botanical extracts.

The active agents inhibit soil diseases and boost the vitality of the crop. Ecolizer Root-up does not effect the pH- and EC-values. Therefore, it is ideal for use with cuttings or clones with roots.

The added enzymes have a cleansing effect on your tubes, piping and drip systems, ensuring a longer life with less maintenance.

Available in bottles of 500ml, 1L and 5L. Concentration = 1: 2000.

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