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Dutch Pro - Starter Packs

Dutch Pro - Starter Packs

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Dutch Pro Nutrient Starter Pack for Hard Water - Grow-Bloom-Take Root-Multi Total-Explode

The bright minds at Dutch Pro have put together some of their best products, offering an easy start to any new growers or those that know what they want.

Dutch Pro nutrients offer high quality at a very reasonable price. Every bottle does exactly what it claims enabling any grower to achieve great results.

Starter packs are split into 2 categories: Soil and Hydro/Coco - Each is specially formulated for use with Hard Water.

Each Dutch Pro starter pack consists of:

• 1 x Dutchpro Original Grow A 1 Litre

• 1 x Dutchpro Original Grow B 1 Litre

• 1 x Dutchpro Original Bloom A 1 Litre

• 1 x Dutchpro Original Bloom B 1 Litre

• 1 x Dutchpro Multi Total 250ml

• 1 x Dutchpro Take Root 250ml

• 1 x Dutchpro Explode 250ml

• Complete instructions are also included

Dutch Pro have been supplying coffee shops in Amsterdam for over 30 years. The feeding schedule is extremely easy to follow and produces some exceptional results and effective results.

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