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Dutch Pro - Keep It Clean

Dutch Pro - Keep It Clean

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Dutch Pro Keep It Clean frees your drip grow system from blockages and ensures optimum performance. The product is a drip cleaner, which removes and prevents bacterial slime and algae. It also prevents the development of fungi in your system. Growers use the pipe cleaner to ensure optimum performance of their system.

General Information:

Dutch Pro Keep It Clean is a high-performance pipe cleaner;

The product removes bacterial slime and algae;

The product inhibits the growth of fungi;

It's suitable for use with all growing media;

The product is available in different sizes including 1L, 5L, 10L, and 20L.


The drip cleaner is a highly concentrated formula;

It's made for use with Dutch Pro additives and nutrients.

The Science:

The pipe cleaner is made for use with hydroponic grow systems. The product contains high-performance and plant-friendly cleaning agents. The formula removes bacterial slime and algae blockages and prevents the development of fungi. Use as a preventative measure to keep the hydroponic grow system working properly.

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