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CX - Spotless Concentrate

CX - Spotless Concentrate

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Spotless is a truly effective 100% non toxic, organic spray that kills spidermites on contact.

Spotless is safe to humans and animals and doesn't contain any dangerous chemicals. In fact, it is no more dangerous in its concentrate form than household detergent. In its diluted form it is absolutely safe. As it is a non chemical spray there will never be any resistance issues as there can be with chemical sprays. In fact, Spotless is a great way to end resistance problems you maybe facing. CX Spotless has a physical form of action against common grow room pests and is able to dissolve the epiculticle of spider mites - Mites can never become immune to this form of action since there are no chemicals to develop a tolerance to. -No chemicals - No poisons - No resistance - Spray right up to harvest.

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