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CX Horticulture - Regen-A-Root

CX Horticulture - Regen-A-Root

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Regen-A-Root from CX Horticulture is a powerful root stimulator. It provides your plants with a carefully balanced formula of root building compounds leading to a stronger root system and in turn your plant.

This unique product also offers protection from root pests and diseases as well as helping your plants deal with stress

When plants are growing strongly, they can usually fight off the effects of the disease. They are able to produce chemicals which attack the disease organisms. When the plants are under stress, however, they produce much less of these chemicals and the disease organism can take hold.

Pythium is the most commonly found root disease in both hydroponic systems and in the soil. The symptoms are quite specific. If the plant’s roots go brown and smelly and the plants wilt when the lights are on, then you are probably dealing with Pythium.

Canadian Xpress scientists have isolated the battery of chemicals that the plant manufactures to defend itself. We have encapsulated these chemicals in a liquid formulation and when this is used in your nutrient solution they have the same effect as the plant’s own defenses and the result is healthy plants. This approach is known as Induced Resistance.

Stress situations can occur at any time but flowering is always a stressful situation and is the time that disease is the most likely to get the upper hand. This occurs also because the plant’s energies are going into flowering and root growth tends to be limited to replacement of dead roots only.

Available in 1, 5 and 10L bottles.

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