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Cultiwool - Rockwool Cubes - 3/4/6 Inch

Cultiwool - Rockwool Cubes - 3/4/6 Inch

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Cultiwool Rockwool Grow Cubes-Hydroponics 3/4/6 Inch-Large Hole

Cultiwool is one of the world's leading substrate producers. They have a great reputation in the industry as a company that puts the grower first. The Cultiwool stonewool growing blocks have a very firm structure. A very high consistency and very thin fibre structure gives optimum root development leading to increased yield.

Cultiwool is a natural product made from volcanic rock, or basalt. Using the latest technologies, the basalt is heated and spun in several directions. This gives it its unique X fibre structure which is characterised by fibres that run in all directions.

An advantage of this structure is it facilitates better root distribution throughout the entire slab, whilst also encouraging the growth of more hair roots in the top part of the slab, which allows the plants to absorb more nutrients.

Developed for decades, Cultiwool truly delivers consistent quality and maximum predictability so that growers can control of their production process as accurately as possible.

Perfectly suited to drip feed, ebb and flood or NFT systems

Available in packs of :

8 x 3 inch Cultiwool Cubes - Small & Large Hole (75x75x65mm)

6 x 4 inch Cultiwool Cubes - Small & Large Hole (100x100x65mm)

4 x 6 inch Cultiwool Cubes - Large Hole (150x150x142mm)

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