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Canna - Terra Flores

Canna - Terra Flores

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Canna Terra Flores is a high-performance base nutrient made for the flowering stage. It's designed for growing plants in soil or potting mixes. The product promotes strong fructification and improves the plants' flavours. The formula is designed to work in hard and soft water areas. The product is rich in chelated elements, which can be easily absorbed and deliver lavish blooming. Growers use the product to achieve top-quality crops, large flowers and heavy fruits.

Canna Terra Flores is a top-quality base nutrient

It's designed for use during the flowering stage

The product contains chelated elements and essential micro- and macronutrients. The NPK ratio stands at 2-2-4

The formula is designed for plants growing in soil or potting mixes

The product is suitable for use in soft and hard water areas

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