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Canna - Spanner & Tap - For 5L & 10L Bottles

Canna - Spanner & Tap - For 5L & 10L Bottles

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The Canna Spanner and Canna Tap - Used with Canna 5 and 10 Litre Bottles

Canna Spanner

Anyone who has ever tried opening a Canna 5 Litre or 10 Litre bottle will know, it's almost impossible to do without the spanner.

Save the skin on your hands and make the task simple with the bespoke Canna Spanner!

Made from toughened plastic with a grooved circular opening and branded with "CANNA"

Canna Tap

Make the process of measuring your nutrients easier with this simple screw fit, on/off tap.

Easily screw on to an open 5L or 10 Litre bottle to make decanting an easy and spill free job

Made from toughened plastic and branded with "CANNA"

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