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Canna - Hydro Vega A+B

Canna - Hydro Vega A+B

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Canna Hydro Vega is a complete professional nutrient for the growth phase of plants. It is specially designed for growing in "inert" or "run to waste" systems.

The combination of Hydro Vega A+B contains the perfect balance for early development and continued growth, laying an ideal foundation for your plant and in doing so improving yield.

Advantages of CANNA Hydro Vega

Canna Hydro Vega promotes a healthy and powerful growth, which is vital for side shoots and a root development.

Hydro Vega can be used in all types of inert media. (rockwool, perlite, vermiculite)

Complete absorption of nutrients and water is guaranteed from the beginning of cultivation because Hydro Vega is rich micro nitrogen compounds, high quality iron and trace minerals.

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