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Buddhas Tree - Flower Burst

Buddhas Tree - Flower Burst

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Flower Burst, from Buddhas Tree, is an emerging favourite among knowledgeable growers. A brilliant product to ease your plants from the growth (vegetative) phase to the bloom (flowering) phase.

Recommended for use in the first 3 weeks of flower (12/12), flower burst will encourage strong root and limb structure as well as producing an abundance of flowering sites. This leads to stronger plants, producing more, in a shorter time.

Made in the UK, Flower Burst is safe to use, contains no dangerous PGR's and is extremely cost effective. Only using 0.2 - 0.25 ml per litre of clean water, each bottle goes a long way.

Flower Burst’s 0-10-8 formula gives your plants the extra phosphorus it needs to develop healthy roots and plant growth, Boron for added Calcium usage and all at a non aggressive level to ensure your plants health and overall success.

Great alongside any nutrient regime but even better when used with Buddhas Tree MetaBoost, Solar Green Power (Silicic Acid) and PK 9-18.

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