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Bloomroom - Flexi Rez - Catchment Trays

Bloomroom - Flexi Rez - Catchment Trays

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Bloomroom - Flexi Rez - Catchment Trays

Introducing the new Flexi Rez catchment trays from BloomRoom.

Each tray is packaged in a small box and requires assemble. This ensures safe postage and easy storage.

Designed to offer growers peace of mind (leakages) and easy water catchment/storage. Ideal for using as part of a hydro system or when growing in soil or coco to catch run off and excess water during the flushing phase.

Place at the bottom of any grow tent or grow space for added insurance when using irrigation systems.

Designed to fit where no trays have been able to fit before and are mail order friendly.

Made from a high quality waterproof liner with support legs and bars. A tap is fitted for easy emptying and filling.

Flexi Rez are available in 5 different sizes:

95cm x 95cm x 20cm for 1m Tents

115cm x 115cm x 20cm for 1.2m Tents

195cm x 95cm x 20cm for 1 x 2m Tents

235cm x 115cm x 20cm for 1.2 x 2.4m Tents

290cm x 290cm x 20cm for 3m Tents

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