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Bloomroom - Flexi 4 Pot Drip Irrigation System

Bloomroom - Flexi 4 Pot Drip Irrigation System

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The new Bloomroom Flexi 4 Pot System is completely unique in the way that the product is flat packed and can easily access hard to reach gardening spaces. Re-circulating hobby systems are a very popular part of todays hydroponics market. This is not only due to the simplicity of using pots but also the fact that growers can set specific feeding times to ensure plants can get more nutrient doses in 'little and often' bursts.

Simply set the times on a digital/segmental timer and simply make sure your tank is full.


-1x Bloomroom Flexi 4 Pot 130L - 85cm x 85cm x 20cm

-1x Drainage tap

-1x 650l per hour nutrient pump

-2x Planter base

-1x Central light lock cover

-1x Neoprene access point

-1x 4 way delivery system connected to 2L p/h dripper stakes

-4x 18L Poly pot

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