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BioBizz - Bio Heaven

BioBizz - Bio Heaven

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Bio Heaven improves the effects of all fertilisers used to feed the plants. It also rids the plant of toxins, repairs the chlorophyll production and stimulates growth.

When using Bio Heaven you'll notice an increase in growth energy.

How to use Bio Heaven

Bio Heaven can be used during the entire Veg and Blooming periods of the plant.

Suitable for an media type and system.

A dosage of 2 to 5ml per litre water. Start with 2ml and slowly increase to 5ml.

Amino acids in Bio Heaven

Bio Heaven is a specially formulated plant energy booster that contains carefully selected biological stimulants (amino-acids) Amino acids are the basic building blocks for proteins and enzymes, which are essential for the plants’ structure and metabolism.

As a result, Bio Heaven enhances the transportation and metabolism of nutrients and boosts the anti-oxidant system of the plant.

The effect of Bio Heaven

• By using Bio Heaven, a fast and complete absorption of important nutrients is stimulated.

• Bio Heaven increases the chelate of essential macro and micro nutrients.

• Bio Heaven makes the plant able to process humidity, which results in less stress for the plant.

• Bio Heaven stimulates the enzymatic activity.

• Bio Heaven allows an outstanding source of carbonic acid for micro-organisms in the earth

• Bio Heaven improves the performance and quality of the crop, as well as the harvest.

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