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BAC - Organic Lime - 5kg

BAC - Organic Lime - 5kg

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B.A.C. Organic Lime - Calcium and Magnesium - 5kg

For upgrading the used soil and cocos. This lime must always be mixed through the medium properly.

BAC Lime Calcium is an organic source of Calcium and Magnesium - 47% Calcium - 5% Magnesium.

Use to correct deficiencies, recondition soil and cocos and buffer pH.

Best used once during the growth cycle and once in the flowering cycle. BAC Lime can also be used when re-using media to raise calcium levels.

Ensure BAC lime is through the medium thoroughly.

BAC Lime provides a stable pH value in your reused soil and cocos. Furthermore, it provides the reused soil or cocos with sufficient calcium.

Available in 5 kg.

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