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AutoPot - AQUAvalve Silicones (Pack of 10)

AutoPot - AQUAvalve Silicones (Pack of 10)

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10x replacement silicones for the AQUAvalve.

AQUAvalve5 Silicones are Float-specific. Top and Bottom Float Silicones differ.

Pre-Aug 2020 AQUAvalve Silicones are Non-float-specific. Top and Bottom Float Silicones are identical.

Choose AQUAvalve5 Bottom Float Silicones – for AQUAvalve5 Bottom Float ONLY

Choose AQUAvalve5 Top Float Silicones – for AQUAvalve5 Top Float ONLY

Choose AQUAvalve Silicones – for older, pre-August 2020 AQUAvalves – universal fit.

The AQUAvalve silicones are inserted into the recesses in the top & bottom floats of the AQUAvalve.

They are produced in a bright colours for easy visibility. Colours may vary from those depicted.

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