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AutoPot - AQUAvalve PotSock Kit

AutoPot - AQUAvalve PotSock Kit

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The perfect root control kit for growing in open trays with AutoPot.

The AQUAvalve PotSock protects against root invasion of the AQUAvalve. Meanwhile the AQUAvalve PotSock Plate prevents movement of your PotSock and provides a stable base for the AQUAvalve to sit on.

To use, simply put your AQUAvalve PotSock down on your tray – gold face outwards. Then place the Plate into the PotSock. The AQUAvalve and AQUAvalve Cover (not supplied) sit on top of the plate.

AQUAvalve PotSock Kit includes:

AQUAvalve PotSock Plate
AQUAvalve PotSock

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