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AutoPot - AQUAvalve Cover

AutoPot - AQUAvalve Cover

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When using an AQUAvalve in an open garden tray it is essential that the AQUAvalve is protected and held securely in place. Moulded from heavy-duty composite material, the AQUAvalve Cover performs both these functions perfectly.

The Cover is simply placed over the top of the AQUAvalve with no impact whatsoever on the valve’s movement.

Such a garden tray set-up does demand that your garden tray, and the AQUAvalve in it, are on a level surface. Handily the AQUAvalve Cover includes an integrated spirit level, allowing you to ensure that the valve is always able to function as intended.

It is worth noting that such arrangements require pots with a minimum capacity of 5L and that your garden tray should be flat-bottomed.

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