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Atami - Bloombastic

Atami - Bloombastic

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Atami Bloombastic - Concentrated Flowering Booster/Enhancer - PK 20/21

Transforming Beginners into Professionals and Experienced into Champions!
Bloombastic from Atami is a highly concentrated, extremely powerful flowering enhancer that delivers explosive and proven results.

This carefully crafted cocktail contains all the vital bio minerals and stimulators gives a boost of sugars to your plant which increases growth and produces higher yields.

Another benefit of Bloombastic is the impressive levels of phosphorus and potassium, up to 50% more than most brands. these help our plant go on to develop thicker, denser fruits

Start using Bloombastic in week 4 of flower through to the end of week 6. Whether growing in soil, coco or a hydroponic system Atami Bloombastic is suitable and will vastly improve your plants capabilities.

With an NPK of 0-20-21 and a combination of bio minerals and stimulants, we are confident this is a product you will buy time and again.

Available in 100ml, 325ml, 1.25L or 5.5L bottles.

Dosage: 0.5 – 1ml: 1000 ml

Quality guaranteed: The stimulators and liquid nutrients are sealed lighttight under the twistable cap, so the quality remains guaranteed.

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