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Atami - ATA Zyme

Atami - ATA Zyme

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ATA ATAZYME - Soil improving additive

ATA Atazyme is a universal NPK-free soil improver based on enzymes. This addition for the nutrient solution hardly affects the EC values of the nutrient solution. Enzymes act as catalysts and therefore play a role in the implementation of (bio)chemical reactions by accelerating and / or making them possible.

ATA Atazyme ensures that old and dead root material is broken down in the substrate. This ensures that valuable minerals and sugars become available for the soil environment on the one hand and, on the other hand the soil becomes aerated because the root material has been ‘cleaned up’. A well-aerated substrate ensures better root development and therefore better resistance of the plant against diseases and fungi.

Different kinds of vegetables, fruits and herbs like beans, thyme, oregano, basil, radish sprouts, sorrel sprouts, etc. The required dosage can be measured to meet the needs of individual plants or crop.

Suitable as an addition to the regular nutrients for growing in soil, hydro and coco. Can best be used once a week throughout the growing and blooming cycle. Also, very effective in the (partly) re-using of the substrate.

1 – 3 ml per litre of water.

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