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Atami - ATA Terra Max

Atami - ATA Terra Max

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ATA TERRA MAX - Balanced flowering nutrition

ATA Terra Max is a universal basic plant nutrient solution that is used during the flowering cycle of the plant and is specifically developed for cultivation in soil. Because this substrate is naturally rich in calcium and other nutrients, there is hardly any calcium added to ATA Terra Max and the NPK values have been kept relatively low to prevent over-fertilization.

ATA Terra Max is a complete flowering nutrition that has a positive effect on the flowering willingness of your plant. This will result in beautifully compact flowers that will significantly increase in size.

ATA Terra Max is a universal nutrient, suitable for different kinds of fruits, vegetables, herbs, like cauliflower, broccoli, aubergine and ornamental plants. It can also be used for flowering ornamental plants (e.g., Roses, Heather Flowers). The required dosage can be measured to meet the needs of individual plants or crop.

Can be used daily throughout the flowering stage. ATA Terra Max is directly soluble in water and easily absorbable by the plants, making the results quickly noticeable.

1 – 5 ml per litre of water. Suitable for all watering systems.

NPK 2-2-4 W/W

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