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Aquamaster - Combo Meter P700 PRO 2

Aquamaster - Combo Meter P700 PRO 2

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The renewed Combo meter P700 Pro 2 has a modern, robust housing. It is also equipped with a large screen on which all value can be read. In addition, the software has been improved, so that accurate measurements can now be read faster. The electrodes are easy to replace if worn or broken.

The Combo meter P700 Pro 2 is ideal for measuring the pH, EC, CF, PPM and temperature of nutrient water for plants and water in swimming pools, jacuzzis and ponds. With the easy to operate buttons you can easily switch between the parameters. The meter is calibrated and supplied with batteries.

Specifications -
Range pH: 0.0 - 14.0 EC: 0.0 - 19.9 CF: 0.0 - 199 PPM: 0 - 19990 Temp: 0.0 - 50 C Resolution pH: ±0.1 EC: ±2% F.S. CF: ±2% F.S. PPM ±2% F.S. Temp: ±0,1 C Accuracy pH: 0.1 EC: 0.1 CF: 0.1 PPM: 10 Temp: 0.1C ATC Yes Power supply DC 6 volt with rechargeable battery Auto calibration pH: 2 point cal 4.0 - 70 EC: 1 point cal 1.4 - 3.0 - 12.88 Calibration indicator After one month Size 200mm x 140mm x 34mm Weight 418 Gram Warranty Meter: 1 year Electrode: 6 months

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