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Advanced Nutrients - Sensi Bloom A+B

Advanced Nutrients - Sensi Bloom A+B

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Advanced Nutrients - Sensi Bloom A+B

Advanced Nutrients Sensi Bloom A+B is a complete 2-part nutrient designed to optimize your plants' flowering capacity. The formulas contain high-performance ingredients, which strengthen your plants' blooming and fruiting rates. Advanced Nutrients created Sensi Bloom A+B to provide your plants with a boost of energy during the blooming phase. The products are highly soluble and plants can easily absorb the nutrients. Growers worldwide use Sensi Bloom A+B during the flowering and fruiting phases to ensure increased harvest yields and tastier fruits.

General Information - 
- Sensi Bloom A+B is suitable for any hydroponic growing substrate or system
- Sensi Bloom A+B is a 2-part base nutrient;
- The product comprises natural and organic ingredients such as macro and micronutrients, fulvates, amino acids, humates, and a wetting agent;
- Advanced Nutrients designed the formula for the flowering and fruiting stages.

Benefits -
- The formula is made at the highest standards
- The product provides your plants with increased levels of energy throughout the entire blooming/fruiting phase
- Sensi Bloom A+B incorporates Advanced Nutrients' pH perfect technology
- Ensures that all nutrients are delivered in a solubilized form
- Encourages strong flower development and tastier fruits
- The product is suitable for use with the range of Advanced Nutrient boosters and supplements.

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