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Advanced Nutrients - Piranha

Advanced Nutrients - Piranha

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Piranha - Advanced Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients Piranha colonizes the root zone with 26 beneficial fungi. These fungi are 8 species of trichodermia and 18 species of endo and ecto mycorrhizal. Trichodermia are very aggressive colonizers that enhance root mass, and provide excellent control for root rot, pythium and pytophethoria.

Roots are what feed your plants almost everything they need, and now you can maximize your plants' root mass so your plants get optimum nutrition and enhanced flowering.

How Piranha benefits your plants:

• Beneficial Fungi maximizes root absorption of oxygen, nutrients and water

• Beneficial Fungi maximizes root growth for optimum yields

• Helps your roots gain surface mass

• Beneficial Fungi maximize production of floral essential oils

The two major categories of beneficial fungi:

• Category One beneficial fungi are called Endomycorrhiza. Believe it or not, these fungi actually have a form of "foot," called a hyphae, that enters into root cells to produce sacs or branched structures. As you can imagine, the sacs and branched structures increase root mass and root function.

• Category Two beneficial fungi are called Ectomycorrhiza. These fungi create a hyphal sheath that covers root tips. They also create a hyphae net that cloaks the entire root system. Funny thing is, plant scientists used to assert that endomycorrhiza were the only type of fungi that inserted themselves into root cells, and that the ecto variety stayed outside roots.

New research conducted by our scientists reveals that super-strains of ecto and endo beneficial fungi both penetrate roots, so they have designated these strains as a mega-category called "ectendomycorrhiza."

The good news is that whatever you call them, beneficial fungi form a web of root enhancement called a "fungal mycelium."

The bottom line is Piranha increases your plants root growth so your plants' roots are strong enough to give you optimum harvest yields.

What's more, when you get Piranha today, you'll see why it's money back guaranteed to pay for itself by providing maximum yield.

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